When we first fell in love with the villa in 2012 it looked very different from how it does now!  We spent a (sometimes painful!) two years rennovating it into the luxurious second home it is now.  The following photos give an idea of the scale of work done.  It's been a fascinating transition (with a few hiccups along the way!) but it's all worked out OK in the end!


Front of villa 'before' was mostly a long driveway leading to a garage.


With no need for a garage the driveway was removed and made space for the pool area.


The large but unkempt front garden was the perfect location for ...

... the new pool area, retaining many of the existing trees.

The front terrace area with dilapidated pergoda.




The front terrace area with new hand-carved pergoda.  We managed to keep a number of the large palm trees.

Rear of villa 'before' with home-made steps leading to the roof!



Rear garden now (we figured maybe the steps might breach health & safety so said a sad 'goodbye' to them!)


The original sitting room with wooden ceiling and open fire became ...


... the master bedroom.  We managed to keep the ceiling and fireplace.


The garage with it's beautiful vaulted ceiling became ...


... the garden suite.



The original kitchen became ...

... the new living/dining room.  

Villa Address:

Casa Abuelo
34b Los Calamares

Playa Blanca 35580


If you have any queries please contact us:


44 07703 185259 44 07703 185259


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